A fidelity and cross-marketing tool

In order to be able to use Centy, the end user must possess a retail brand fidelity card (or App).  This will result in an inevitable increase in card applications and/or App downloads and consequently registration of client data and higher fidelization: fidelity cards and apps are easy tools to use. Most clients are already used to using them, consider them reliable, and associate them with your brand.

You will be able to take advantage of  cross marketing techniques, applying the amounts entered to promotions or to the purchase of specific products, in addition to recording an immediate increase in the cash flow and turnover in general, also thanks to the advertising return resulting from an exclusive service.

Centy pays for itself, whether through a return of image or an instant increase in proceeds: the sums recovered from clients through the coins immediately become credit to be used in the store.

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Transform your forgotten coins  Centy is the first fully remote coin counter that:


VIA APP (soon to be available)

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